Pine Harbor Christian Academy

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Pine Harbor Christian Academy is a private non-profit grade school committed to providing exceptional academic, Biblical, and moral education.

This is our first year with students at PHCA and I can only say that PHCA has FAR exceeded our expectations both academically and spiritually speaking. This is not a Christian academy in name-only, the teachers and staff live their faith out every day in powerful ways that are making a tremendous impact on our children!
Prepare to be impressed.
— PHCA Parent

Unsolicited from my 1st grader who started in October: ‘I was scared when I first started going because I didn’t know about God. Then I learned about God and I wasn’t scared because I learned He’s watching me.’
— Braucks Family

As a public school teacher for 7 years, I never imagined my children going to a public school. When we moved to Hastings, I began substitute teaching. Within the first 10 minutes in the classroom, I knew my child HAD to start kindergarten here! PHCA has smaller class sizes to allow for more individual and small group teaching. Beginning each day in prayer and learning God’s word was amazing to witness. I would recommend taking a tour on any Walk In Wednesday and seeing it for yourself!
— Shleppenbach Family

Certified Best Christian Workplace Institute's 2015 Best Christian Workplace - Christian School - BCWI

Fabulous! The very first day of school my son comes home quoting ‘He who has the son has life (1st John).’ Here’s a kid who was previously afraid of school, nervous about the whole idea... who now loves attending. The kindergarten teacher is great and has a passion for teaching kids. My hesitation initially was financial, which I now struggle with whether that should even be a factor. Great school. Very personable.
— Anonymous 01/15/09

Both of my children attend Pine Harbor Christian Academy. In today’s stress filled, overscheduled way of life it is a gift to give my children a full day in a place that exudes peace and safely. This is a place that excels academically while teaching morals and responsibility on a regular basis in the classroom, on the playground and associated outside activities. The tuition is minimal and a small price to pay for all that it returns.
— Anonymous 01/03/08